Important Precautions for Moving and Packing during Covid-19

21 January, 2022 by Desert Movers 2344

Corona virus pandemic affected all people in the world and shook up everything that came in its way from education to jobs to business. It also had a significant impact on people's daily lives.

But the number of cases in our country is not going to subside anytime soon. In spite of the pandemic, people are trying to move on with their life.

Many countries opened their airlines with safety measures. Moving during this pandemic is not that much easy. But many movers and packers in Dubai, UAE provide the best service for people who want safe packing and moving. In Dubai there are so many movers and packers company that provide different services. But you have to book the exact one who takes all the precautions in this pandemic.

The hiring of expert people will ease most of your stress of packing and moving procedures. Desert Movers and Packers in Dubai, UAE guarantee the safest and smoothest moving service. They use all the required precautions for this coronavirus by taking responsibility for the customer’s health.

What is called COVID-19?

Covid-19 is an infectious disease that outbreak began in Wuhan, China in December 2019. It’s highly contagious and spreads from person to person through droplets from the mouth and nose. There are some measures that we have to follow up:

  • • Stay six feet away from people.
  • • Do not gather in groups.
  • • Avoid mass gatherings and crowded areas.

Family and Personal Health

  • • Precautions to ensure on moving day
  • • Things to remember while hiring companies
  • • After arriving the destination


You have to follow all the guidelines when you are moving from one place to another. Hand washing, social distance, and other practices can help you and your family stay healthy.

Hygiene at all times: You have to make your hygiene all day. So always stock up sanitizing products in your home. This helps very much to avoid the pandemic condition. The sanitizing products can also give to your movers and packers. This includes many things like hand sanitizer, soap, water, gloves, mask, disposable tissues, etc. Then an important thing you have to remember is making a safe distance of 6 feet when you step out of your house. While interacting with other people you must have to wear a facemask and gloves. It is one of the best ways that help people from the pandemic.

Always wash your hands: Always making your hand is a perfect way of hygiene. If you touch or eat something you have to wash your hand immediately. You can wash your hands with healthy hand washes. When Covid-19 spreads, medical health people always say that don’t touch your face with your dirty hands. So if you wash your hand they will be cleaned and you don’t have any type of disease.

Always check the situation in moving town: You have to check your new place's current status with corona. If it is in the red zone you can’t go there at that time. So you better check the current status of your new place and are aware of the situation.

Reduce people while moving: Coronavirus is spreading very fast whenever people have gathered around in one place. So you better avoid a cluster of people for moving purposes. Always stay with one or two people who can manage the moving correctly. When moving, keeping the number of family members to a minimum helps to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

Avoid old people & kids: Always avoid children and old age people when the moving process is occurring. These two types of people have low immune systems and they are easily affected by corona. So make sure they are sent to your relatives/friend’s house.


Whenever you are booking a moving company you have to check all the services of them including safety measures for Covid-19. Always look for good movers and packers with strong Covid-19 precautions. It will keep you and your family safe and healthy. You can ask them all the minute details of moving and choose the right one.

  • • You can ask one to three moving companies for your moving services. This will help to determine who can do more service for you. Different companies provide different precaution measures. You can select the better one and make your moving service healthy and fast .

  • • Tell them to make all the payments through digital way. So that way you have to physically contact them. It is the healthy way of payment section.

  • • After finalizing a company you have to look out for their Google reviews and details. That way you can analyse their work. After analysing the reviews you can decide which company suits you.


You have to maintain many processes when you arrive at the destination. Cleaning all the furniture and the house keep it healthy and safe. If you have any children you can give them the instructions about the virus.

  • • Clean the entire home with the best detergent so it will keep family members from diseases. You have to do it 2 days before moving.
  • • Always maintain a 6 feet distance while interacting with people who is your neighbour in moved place.


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