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21 January, 2022 by Desert Movers 2344

Whenever you are moving from one place to another, shifting from your new house to international places , you have to make sure you decided the best solution for all of this.

There are many house moving companies. But we want the best solutions because house moving has so many procedures to follow. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about house moving service in UAE.

Types of Moving in UAE

  • • Local moving
  • • International moving
  • • Moving within UAE

Let’s talk about your needs

Local Moving

Any move that covers 50 miles will be considered local moving. It’s the most common type of house moving in UAE. Moving companies in Dubai charge their hourly rate when it is on local moving. The hourly rate will change depending upon the types of furniture in the moving house. Large trucks were used for moving purposes. If you are booking a moving company in Dubai, you can set the time and date for the house moving service and then inform the people.

International Moving/Shifting in Dubai, UAE

In international moving, you have to worry about the furniture, other belongings, etc. Many moving companies offers you stress-free and reliable international moving. All international moving companies in UAE prioritize their customer’s satisfaction and quality of the services. There are air, ocean & cross border road transportation services in international moving. Airfreight is the best solution for international moving. So if you’re moving to any part of the world or moving back to your home ground, there will be efficient and cost effective international moving company that helps you.

Moving within UAE

Whenever you are moving within UAE, you need specialists who ensure your move to smooth and hassle-free. Moving within UAE is meant like moving into nearest place so it must be in a low price and affordable. Many house moving companies help you to move within UAE.

Desert Movers is one of the best house moving service company in Dubai, UAE. They provide affordable service that helps you to move within UAE.

Important things to remember

  • Sort your belongings
  • Book a house moving company
  • Pack all your belongings
  • Arrange all your utilities earlier
  • Use quality material for packing
  • Label all boxes
  • Pack important things in a bag
  • Visit new house moving area

Sort your belongings

When you are shifting house, there will be many things that is no longer useful to you. So firstly declutter all your belongings. You can either donate or throw it out. It will simply ease your moving process. If anything that you don’t want you can donate it to useful people. You can also keep your removal costs if there are few boxes only. If any item is broken you can throw it into the dustbin and make a clean environment in your old house.

Book a house moving company

When you are shifting house in UAE you better book a house moving company. If you are moving a house there will be lots of stress and work. A Removal Company is the best option for shifting a house. They will pack all your belongings carefully and neatly without any scratch or damage. The house moving company will move all the things in the preferred vehicle and move it to the new house. You don’t have to be stressed because the Removal Company will assist you with all the requirements. There are so many removal companies in Dubai; you can choose the right one.

Pack all your things

Pack all your belongings before moving. You have to pack all the things in a secured cardboard and bubble wrap it. Don’t pack things the day that you are leaving, it will make trouble. Some professional house moving company offers full packing service.

Arrange all your utilities earlier

You have to arrange all utilities for your new house earlier. This reduces the stress once you moved in. Important utilities include gas, house insurance, etc. can be arranged earlier. The early arrangements give more time to settle in a new home and you can relax .

Use quality material for packing

Bring quality materials for packing. All your household things are important to you. So you have to bring them without any scratch or damage. Quality packing material is the exact solution for not damaging valuable belongings.

Label all boxes

You can label all cardboards with a specific name. It will help you to know what’s inside the box when you’re unpacking. Unpacking will be easy if the boxes are labelled.

Pack important thing in a plastic bag

Pack all your everyday usable things in a small plastic bag. You have to take medicines, a toothbrush, and change of clothes, a phone charger, etc. So it will all come in handy.

Tips that help you in house shifting

  • • Always wrap breakable things in a bubble wrap

  • Wrap all your breakable things like (dishes, glasses) etc. in a bubble wrap. These items are too fragile and easily breakable too so bubble wrap is the perfect solution for this.

  • • Label the names in each cardboard

  • Labelling helps you to determine the things in a cardboard. It will save your time effectively. This way you can unpack all the things by identifying them.

  • • Pack necessary things in a carrying bag

  • You have to pack necessary household things in a plastic bin. It includes a box cutter, paper tissues, eating utensils, phone charges, toilet tissues, tools etc. It can be access easily if you want. And it will not be in the big cardboard boxes .

  • • Before moving, show up to your new surroundings

  • This is a perfect way before house shifting because you can stock any additional things in your rooms like toilet paper, tissues etc. If anyone want to use toilet urgently during moving this will help. You don’t have to check all the loaded cardboards.

  • • Covering of your toiletries with cling film

  • This is a very good idea for your toiletries. This will keep your toiletries from breaking and leaking during the shift.

  • • Packing of plates

  • You have to pack all your plates like records. It will keep the plates from breaking.

  • • Drawers have to seal

  • All drawers have to seal before moving so that will help your moving process.

  • • Buy a stretch wrap

  • Stretch wrap protect all the furniture’s from getting damaged and scratched. It is very effective idea when moving furniture.

  • • Small items can hold in bags

  • The things like small items can be hold in small bags.

  • • Use beer boxes for your books

  • Beer boxes are the perfect one for your books. It can accommodate much number of books and also keep them .

    Benefits of hiring a removal company in Dubai, UAE

    It saves time - If you book a house moving company they will do all the procedures easily. It saves your time.

    Advanced equipment – House moving company has the exact tools for packing. They don’t make scratches or damage to your belongings.

    Insurance – A trustworthy company will have Goods in Transit & Public liability insurance to cover your belongings. Desert Movers and Packers in Dubai, UAE have insurance packages.

    Stress-free – By hiring a house moving company, you are not going too stressed out. The house moving company will take care of all the procedures. They have all the knowledge and experienced people to work with.

    Expert staff – In house moving companies there will be expert professionals who assist with the best service.

    Loading & unloading – House shifting service assist you with all loading and unloading services.

    All types of vehicles – All shifting companies provide different types of vehicles for relocation.

    Precautions done by Moving Companies in Dubai, UAE

    1. 1. Complete hygiene during covid-19 including sanitization.
    2. 2. Moving things are packed & protected in cardboard boxes.
    3. 3. Pointing will be protected and packed in cardboard.
    4. 4. TVs and electronic devices are protected and packed in oversized LED/box.
    5. 5. Temperature testing of employees every day.
    6. 6. Hand hygiene classes for staffs.
    7. 7. Giving hand sanitizer & soap for staffs.
    8. 8. Wearing gloves and masks every day with the UAE government regulations.
    9. 9. Moving vehicles have to be cleaned & sanitized daily.

    Let’s talk about your needs

    The charge of house shifting service in Dubai varies from company to company. It will depend on the bedrooms of the home and furniture. Many additional things affect the price of moving a house. This include:

    • • Number of furniture’s.
    • • Distance to the new house.
    • • The urgency of the move.
    • • Extra service that included.

    Get the right people

    You can choose many options for house moving in Dubai, UAE. So many companies provide moving services but you have to choose the right one. Desert Movers is one of the most reputable moving companies available in Dubai, offering people a trusted and licensed packer and mover to ease their relocation process. Desert Movers and packers in Dubai are the best options for house moving. They have plenty of moving services and expert people to assist you. They know the value of all your belongings and move into the new place without any damage or scratch. Desert movers are the trusted and verified moving company all around UAE.


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